Tuesday, February 2, 2010

sad love

all she wanted was love...

all she ever asked for was someone to love,
as sadness echoed in her lonely heart,
as tears soaked her face...
as diaries and diaries told her story.

she knows how to love right,
a power she has had for many Februaries,
a raging fire even she cant put off...
a skill she has never executed.

all she asked for was love,

all she got was another Valentines,
with no one to love,
no one to kiss,
no one to hug,
no one to forgive,
no one to blame!

not even someone to breakup with.

yesterday she asked God,
the only person she knows she’s had,
not to give her someone,
not to make her strong,
nothing like that!
all she asked was for her tears to be dry this Valentines Day.

Ian Arunga.

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