Monday, October 19, 2009

sorority sisters.

to defend myself:
1.i don know these people
2.its my friend who knows em.
3.why im i defending myself again??


i love this particular one coz every1 who has seen it(almost) think its someone they know!! one of my relatives say her eyes are my mother's!!! "her hair looks like angela's" etc etc.... i was inspired by a lot of things-i guess! did i jus say that to make me look cool???hahaha

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

sik individual (sikin)

so my cousin calls hersel sick individual!!! you should listen to this angel on her guitar and on the mic! sik! i cant remember where i got ths picture!!!

she cyborg

for some strange reason i love unfinished work!!! i dont know if its that or i jus love the look of pencil on paper than marker!!

a millie

this portrait has the funniest story!! the lady who had me do this asked me to make her look innocent because shes been told she has a guilty look by more than 5 people and she was getting worried!! hahahaha. she gave me a few of her pictures, smiling, sleeping, jumping etc i put them all together and please tell me if this looks innocent!


so i walk into my office and theres a major artist block in my system!! i have seven portraits to do before the end of the week which is 3 days away and i haven't even started! i log into facebook and go through random pictures!! i come across this sepia one and i start sketching unconsciously! playing around with my pencil...
my colleague, who was passing behind me says in a modest voice "that's great work sketch"
now lemme meet those deadlines!!! =)

Friday, October 2, 2009


ikaku is like my fave Bleach character after Nel....he gives me something to work black n red coz he is always bleeding!!! ladies n gentlemen.....IKAKU


i would so hire her if she came askin for a job.....
i dont want to get slapped across face...mph.
plus i wouldnt mind looking at that every day!!!ok im being naughty....=)

upon a shinning star

beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,
your eyes are my stars,
stars i see shoot even with my eyes closed,
stars that shine through my cloudy frame,
assures me that the One who created the stars,
is the same One who created your eyes....

purple rain

this was my first work using pastels. i have no idea why i chose purple. but im sure i know why i call it 'purple rain'. i know purple is good stuff, n i need nothing less than rainfall...ok that doesnt make sense!!!

leather deep

this is a portrait of a model. i know "beauty is skin deep" but you should see this beauty in a pair of boots...hahaha. thats why this piece is called 'beauty is leather deep'. oh n ud be amazed how well i know this particular model.

african angel

i really do think that a black woman with apair of wings and a halo balancing mid air just above her a little tilt-is the sexiest thing in the world.


my art is inspired by the colors red and black. most of my sketches have both colors. i think red is a very powerful color and black is simply THE color... wait a min, that gives me an EYE DEA!!!

murd love

this took me 7 hours n 34 minutes to get done, an own set record for longest time spent on one piece. thrice, i tore it up n started all over again....its on A3 n part of it si cropped out...those hours made magic ;)

the magic

its weird how i got to know Magic Johnson before Michael Jordan... i had a huge poster of him in my bedroom wall before i even knew what basketball was.... to some extent,he is my hero!

manga twins

even without colour, manga looks so serene the innocence is so loud.... my friend said these two look like they are about to have sex!!! hahaha! all i see is 'lets take a picture'!!
and the finished


my manga art is actually getting better n i think!!! at least i have got to the point where i can create my own characters... at least the sleepless nights are gone ;)

aunt sue

dont get me wrong,i dont have an aunt sue!! but i know something about aunt sues...they look like this!!!hahhaha!

lil wayne

i read this article in some school magazine about this boy who could do celebrity portraits from imagination and well, the sketch in me got a tat bit jealous and tried it out...walaa!!!